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The first intergalactic horse racing RPG game on the blockchain.



Horses are bred and raised within our game and include innate, original traits that allow them to exceed in certain environments. Horses have life-like features and accessories can be added.


Jockeys can be customized to have a physical resemblance to their players. Additional traits, such as uniforms and style can added as well. Jockeys operate with different skill levels and abilities.


Tracks provide diverse terrains and are subject to different weather and temperature changes based upon the regional variations.

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About Us

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about the future of blockchain and want to propel it forward with the idea of a fun and engaging game format.

Stable Empires is a new on-chain stable management and horse racing game on eth mainnet. Players use jockeys (rent or own) to train, breed, and race horses. There are many factors that influence race results: weather, jockey attributes (power, height, weight etc.) horse attributes (strength, experience etc.) so players have an opportunity to min / max traits in their stable to be competitive. The genesis mint will be a collection of Jockeys and Horses. Stables can be minted by owning a Jockey. And a Jockey includes one horse NFT for free.

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